Every Other Day

5 thoughts on “Every Other Day”

  1. Well as long as it’s not fortnite!! Lol

    It’s ok to take a break from blogging. You’re on vacation! Screens don’t need us as much as we think… (Says me who is typing into a screen first thing in the morning.) šŸ˜ŠšŸ™ƒā˜•

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  2. Your on vacation so why not blog every other day or not .Enjoy your family time. My other half is on vacation this week and yes I have been on but we have no kids to entertain. We have been doing some day things but the most part he is happy to just do whatever no routine ,no time limit. so its been nice. My son and him will be hiking this weekend so he is looking forward to that …well that said I’m just saying times change, so for now worry less about being on here and enjoy your family time.

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  3. Another insightful post.
    We are all here blogging our way through the ups and downs of that emotive subject – life.
    Started watching the new drama last night – Wanderlust – and rather enjoyed it. Great actors, contemporary take on life. Our 18 year old son even stayed down to watch it (usually disappears about 9 and we no longer insist he leaves all gadgets on charge downstairs. We did, when they were still at school, AND they did as they were told even though most of their contemporaries lay in bed til 1 scrolling).


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