Swimming with the Sharks

5 thoughts on “Swimming with the Sharks”

  1. My friends daughter somehow keeps getting involved in friendships with kids who spin her bizarre stories and she falls hook, line and sinker. My friend tends to get over involved and I think over involvement of parents is part of the problem. You’re right..sometimes they have to experience something to understand it

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  2. It’s amazing at how much relationships can affect our course. I hope that Miss 17 thoroughly enjoys her design course and can avoid those people who are toxic. Parenting teenagers is definitely a time of navigating through shark infested waters!

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  3. Oh I so agree . My son seems to have those toxic relationships and let’s just say being in the same house with him not easy .. we can tell them over and over and they will have to just learn on their own . But it’s funny how we are always there to catch them when they fall. …


  4. By watching crap at 1am in the mornings on their gadgets .. 😞
    She will come back and forth to you both. The front is a shield we all recall erecting. What do our parents know, when we are SO grown up at 17+? Nothing. They are fossils and haven’t even had a night out for as long as ….


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