Perceptions and Assumptions

5 thoughts on “Perceptions and Assumptions”

  1. I think it’s ridiculous, too. I’m envious that your daughter still wants to hold you hand! My son used to let me snuggle him… but not anymore. 😦 Now I’m lucky if he actually speaks to me.

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  2. What a crazy world we live in. I used to sit on my dads knee albeit at home until I started going to high school. I remember when my eldest stopped wanting to hold hands in public but my 12 yr old still does. I think it’s a great thing if you see children and their parents being tactile with each other. I can’t believe you received the comments you did.

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  3. I do not think its creepyI think its wonderful that there is still kids …teenagers that still want to be around their parents and hug them. I love when my son gives me a hug ….YES to all creepers he does on occasions if he knows I am having a bad day or if he is . I agree with you what has this world become.


  4. I remember sitting on my Mom’s lap when I was a pre-teen and her friend told me I was too old to be sitting on my mom’s lap. Mom said “No she isn’t” and hugged me to her. I think it’s great that you’re close to your daughters and they still feel comfortable holding your hand and clinging to you. You seem to be a comfort to them. Nothing creepy about that.


  5. It’s sad that we live in that kind of world. I’m glad to see your daughters aren’t concerned about what others might think and can still show affection to their dad.


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