6 thoughts on “Unbeliever”

  1. There’s a Kingdom Hall in our neighbourhood, walking distance from our house. They come to our door at least twice a year, usually Easter is a big one, and sometime in late fall or early winter. A sign ‘no soliciting’ on my door has in some cases deterred some of them but not all of them.

    One day I actually read over one of their flyers. It was around Easter time. And I found none of their stories or arguments believable. Essentially they simply described a situation that happened which they believe to be true, and then finished off their story with ‘this is proof’ or something of that nature.

    It’s not proof to me. And I didn’t ask anyone to prove anything to me, either. 😛

    Faith is a personal thing. I don’t push my beliefs or non-beliefs on random strangers, I’d appreciate the same respect in return. Right? Don’t come knocking on my door where I live to spread your unsolicited messages.

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    1. Exactly! I could have carried on my “foot of the stairs rant” for quite some time – questioning if they have their own mind about anything at all – if they blindly believe everything they are told – how they would feel about me turning up on their doorstep to tell them about the improvement in my life since I started eating Pizza on friday nights…

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  2. I get theses visitors every so often . When I open the door I always. Say to them … before you start with whatever you came to say I have my believes , my religion and I do not need to hear nothing else .. they always look dumb founded and then say we’ll have a good day and walk away . Lol it’s always that easy lol.


  3. I don’t like anyone trying to press their beliefs on me. I have no problem with them having them though. I also know that we can’t know what goes into someone’s mind as they fall into those beliefs and I try to keep that in mind.
    I also don’t answer the door.


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