Another Normal

2 thoughts on “Another Normal”

  1. Best of luck on your journey home! Night photography sure is a lottery without proper lenses. We went to dinner last night for my birthday. Upon leaving, the moon looked like the type of crescent you see drawn in magical scenes and a thin, whispy cloud traced its way around it, with no other cloud in the sky. I wanted so badly to be able to capture it, but of course, my phone just blows out light. I’m guessing you had a Sam Adams Boston Lager. I usually do local beers for craft, but I have had a variety of Sam Adams.

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  2. I drank more beer the two weeks I was London than I have drank probably in the entirety of my time living in the States. And the past couple of years white boys are obsessed with hops. It’s IPA everything. It’s like the pumpkin spice of whatever the male term for a basic b*tch is. (Bro comes to mind but that’s kind of a different thing.) I say this with love as my brother is obsessed with IPAs like every other white boy – Except for March 17th, St Patrick’s Day when they’re all Irish and all love Guinness.

    This has been a pointless, unsolicited rant about American.

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