The In-between

I feel like I’m in-between everything at the moment, and I don’t know how to explain it. Not just in-between doing things – more like I have fallen into some kind of gap in the world – while the rest of the world carries on with their day, I have stumbled into a hole that nobody else can see – they see me of course, but not the hole.

I’m probably making no sense at all.

It feels like being disconnected from everybody and everything. It’s a strange feeling. Rather than watch TV, read books, play video games, or do anything else, I go from one distraction to the next, until I notice the clock has betrayed me, and somehow wound itself forward to the early hours of the morning.

I’m sure the world will right itself eventually – that I will escape the in-between. No doubt my escape will be accompanied by a slew of people-watching posts, observations of life happening around me, or other such idiocy. Until then, let’s just pretend I’m on some kind of hiatus or something.

3 Replies to “The In-between”

  1. Urgh. Depression did it for me. Lost interest in everything and now have lost years. Started reading again recently and it’s so odd – What was so hard about this before?

    I hope this is short-term and that you’re back doing what you enjoy soon. There’s so much!

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