Apples and Pears

I hadn’t planned on writing a second post today, but after spectacularly losing several games of chess in a row online against lower rated opponents, I thought it best to walk away and try to remember not to play late at night when my brain is running on fumes.

What might best occupy my mind before falling into bed? Ah yes – empty my head into the keyboard. Pollute the internet with the random, and inconsequential thoughts tumbling around my head.

Actually, there is a thought. Or maybe it’s a reaction. Horror. A sick feeling. One of my co-workers proudly held out one of the new iPhones in the office today for everybody to admire. While it looked very lovely – in that way that chamfered rectangles of glass tend to – I wondered how much it might be costing him, so gently enquired. The number he told me kind of made me feel a mixture of horror and revulsion.

When I told him how much I was paying for my phone contract, he too looked a little ill – perhaps realising the enormity of what he had done. Let’s just say that we are paying about the same amount for 5 iPhones for our family per month, that he is paying for his phone. It looks the same, and it works the same – it’s just bigger.

I’m not going to go into an apples and pears rant about features and capabilities of the various popular mobile phones and operating systems, because there are innumerable nerds out there filling column inches with hyperbolae and foaming invective. A phone is a phone to me – I’ve kind of gone past the whole “defence of self” fanboyism about anything any more. Sure, I’ve got some opinions, but it really isn’t going to help anybody if I explain just why Android is better than iOS, or why Windows Phone was better than either of them.

All I do know is that I would never pay as much as he is paying per month for his phone. It’s utter, utter madness.

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