Autumn Arrives

It’s mid-morning on Monday and I’m taking a break from the mayhem for a few minutes. The day began in somewhat chaotic fashion, due to my other half picking up a bug over the weekend and calling in to work sick. We somehow managed to explode the children out of bed, and send them on their way to school – more by luck than judgement I think.

While waving goodbye to our youngest on the doorstep, I decided that perhaps a huge hoodie might be the order of the day – Autumn had snuck up from somewhere and was busy turning the temperature knob down for the world and it’s dog. Given that I cycle to work, and feared my fingers might snap off in the cold air, I started searching for a pair of gloves. I found several pairs of football socks, innumerable scarfs, an assortment of woolly hats, but sadly no gloves. Inspiration finally struck while looking in the same places a second time, and I found a pair in the garden among the gardening tools – because of course that’s where you would find a pair of cycling gloves.

So yes – Autumn is here. That’s not the big news today though. The big news today is that I managed to make a roast dinner last night (with minimal assistance from my other half), and didn’t poison anybody. The kids even ate it. The minimal assistance happened when I inquired how long I should boil the potatoes for, and a jab with a fork by my other half began a few moments of panic as she proclaimed I might have turned them to mush. In the chaos of finding a cullender that ensued, I hit my head on a cupboard door that Miss 14 had left open above me, and nearly brought half the kitchen down on my head. I’m still not sure how I didn’t brain myself.

Anyway. I suppose I should be getting on with some work. A little look at Twitter won’t hurt though, will it? And then Instagram, and Facebook, and Reddit, and Flickr, and… urgh.

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