After waking to a blanket of grey skies this morning, the weather has been growing steadily worse. A fine mist of rain is now falling, painting the roads and footpaths with leaves from the trees, and filling the world with the smell of autumn.

The washing machine and tumble dryer are fighting the good fight against the endless tide of clothes that three teenagers generate. We live in fear of the washing machine ever malfunctioning in any way – it completes its job three, sometimes four times a day, every day.

While doing chores, I’m patiently waiting for a delivery driver to appear. For the last several years we have been using a Roku to watch streaming TV in the lounge, but have had increasing problems with it. After visiting the Amazon website yesterday lunchtime, a “Fire Stick” should be arriving today. This is all about keeping the natives happy of course – as long as the rest of the family have easy access to Amazon Prime and Netflix, they tend to leave me alone.

I’m just trying to remember the last TV series I watched. I really haven’t watched much over the last few years – Halt and Catch Fire, Silicon Valley, The OA, and Mr Robot spring to mind. I can’t think of anything else.

Time is marching on. I suppose I should really go and find out what we have in the cupboard for lunch. The rest of the family will return from their football match soon, probably cold, soaked to the skin, and in search of food. I’m guessing soup, and crusty bread might be the order of the day. Off to the corner shop I go…

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