While working my way through chores around the house today, a huge wave of tiredness has rolled through me. I think this is just the after-effects of working away from home, and carrying a huge project single-handed. You don’t really think about it at the time – it hits you afterwards.

Just for the record, I’ve sat here all afternoon, dicking around with this and that – pretending to write this post, but not really doing anything constructive at all. Sure, I put recycling out, loaded the washing machine, loaded the tumble dryer, loaded the dishwasher, sorted out all the old micro-USB charging cables… but I didn’t write a damn word. The text editor sat in the corner of the screen with a blinking cursor for the last several hours.

The irony isn’t lost on me that I still haven’t really written about anything in particular – I’ve just wittered on about inconsequential garbage, as per normal. I didn’t post anything yesterday either – the flights, trains, and grocery shopping pretty much destroyed the day. Fifteen thousand steps worth, according to the fitness app on my phone.

Anyway – today is Saturday. The day is already two thirds over. We’re making nachos for dinner. Tomorrow morning will involve standing in the rain for two hours at rugby training. That’s going to be fun. Maybe I’ll sleep another nine hour stretch tonight, like I did last night.

I’ll have something insightful, interesting, and entertaining to share soon, I promise.

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