Making it to the End of the Week

8 thoughts on “Making it to the End of the Week”

  1. Well, I’m glad that you made it to the end of the week without an accident! I know how it feels when that adrenaline is surging after a close call. Last weekend as Miss Sunshine and I were heading out of town for the soccer tournament, there was a truck whose driving behavior made me uncomfortable. And like a slow-motion picture show, he ended up rear-ending the car in the lane beside me. This was on a 60 mph (96.6 km/h…yes, I googled that) road…and I had to speed up to make sure that it didn’t push the other car into my rear tire. I was sick to my stomach for a good while afterward from the adrenaline coursing.
    I’m sorry to hear that you will be inundated with chores. Hopefully, you find some moments of downtime!


  2. Always a pleasure to read your posts. When are you going to start writing that non-fiction work of art called ‘Surviving The Commute’ covering all your funny anecdotes (and the not so funny real-life moments about which you write to eloquently?


    1. It’s funny you say that – I was wondering about doing NaNoWriMo this year as a series of “day in the life” posts. As long as I hit 1600 words per day, in a meandering carnival of the mundane, it should be good, right ? lol

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      1. More than good – it will be entertaining, a fabulous goal reached for you and shared by us all… we’ve all got to achieve the wordcount, whatever project we are working on!!


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