In Fear of the Mountain

5 thoughts on “In Fear of the Mountain”

  1. write what comes naturally to you. I am not really much of a writer, so I have no advice that way but the voice in your writing is wonderful so I say just start, don’t put pressure on and see what comes out. There is beauty in the day to day and perhaps you will find your novel that way (if you want to write one)

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  2. I am like you. I sit, and words just come- there’s not a great deal of thinking involved in my process (and that probably shows, at times.) It’s the same when I write fiction. I sit. I don’t know who is going to come to me, I don’t know what they are going to say. Sometimes they say nothing and the screen behind my eyelids is blank. But sometimes characters do come, and they say things that blow me into a part of myself that I never knew existed. I suppose you might be best to ask yourself what you ultimately want for yourself this month: do you want to connect with other people (if so, the blog is the way to go.) Or do you want to connect with YOU? (If so, I suggest pantsing your way through a dynamic, surprising November.) ☺️Either way, good luck! You’ll be fine.

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  3. I just watched an interview today that mentioned instead of looking at the mountain (the goal), just look at the ground in front of you and move forward (small actions toward the bigger goal). You have taken on a lofty goal. I’d like to take that one on someday. I’m not sure which direction you should take, but I think you’re being hard on yourself by saying that you’d never have a publishable novel. You might surprise yourself. I have loud voices (my own) that tell me that the things I’m attempting won’t be successful, but I try not to put that out into the universe and keep moving forward. 😉 You are a person that notices the details and I’m sure that’d show in any version of tale-telling that you attempt.

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