The Good and the Bad

6 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad”

  1. None! No one has come to the door this year after last year there being dozens of them! It’s so weird how the years change up like this, it’s not even bad weather. I like halloween and enjoy the thought of the veil being a little more lifted than usual for the dead! I say that but I’m hoping that any knocking on the door comes from the living haha!

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  2. It always upsets me, Halloween. Not because I don’t like it. Quite the opposite. I adore Halloween because it brings out the inner child in us, it brings out the magic that gets so very lost under all the crap adult life piles onto our skin. How easy it is to forget that beautiful child with wide eyes that lives inside of us…one we’ve very likely been ignoring because of the notion that, somehow, we can actually be ‘too old’ for something. We’re never to old for anything. Never. When teens who are ‘too old’ for trick or treating come to my door, dressed up or not dressed up, those are the ones who get the biggest hair ruffles from me. Because I can see that they are still trying to cling onto that precious inner child of theirs, and I really try to trust that it’s the magic of the night they crave, not the chocolate. Of course, I am well aware I live in a pair of rose coloured glasses, so I can see why others might not agree with me there. Anyway. I hope you and the family had a nice night and found a few smiles along the way. ☺️

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  3. I frown upon Halloween even more than I frown upon religion. I f***ing hate trick-or-treaters. How did it ever become socially acceptable for people to knock on doors and expect to be handed fists full of candy from people they don’t know?! The tradition should be banned! There were only two knocks on my door this evening, and believe me, I didn’t just swear “under my breath”. My dad, knowing how much I detest this day of the year, was here to hand out treats.

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  4. I remember the excitement as a child, free candy, what’s not to love?…. traipsing round the neighbourhood & being dissapointed with the odd boring Apple 😬 then scurrying home to a carpet feast of sugar….

    Fast forward 35 years or so and I still enjoyed the carpet feast….

    I prefer brocolli now though 😉😊

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  5. We didn’t do anything for Halloween and live in an area that trick-or-treaters don’t frequent because of the spacing of the houses. I always love the holiday. We had great fun taking the children out when they were younger.
    And the traditional sign that your home isn’t welcoming trick-or-treaters is to have your outside lights turned off.

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