Nearing the Summit

I’m not really sure why I’m trying to write fifty thousand words during November any more – I’m just kind of “doing it”, because I thought it would be a romantic, or eccentric thing to do – something to tick off the bucket list.

In the days before starting, in late October, I remember worrying about the impending idiocy – wondering what on earth I had gotten myself into – even though I’ve attempted the same challenge in the past.

Perhaps I have been able to just get on with writing for the same reason I seem to be able to get on with dish washing, clothes washing, empting rubbish bins, cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, and all those other chores that might otherwise trigger a falling-down moment.

It’s the whole “putting one foot in front of another” thing, isn’t it. If you keep doing it for long enough, you end up getting to the finish line.

I’m on day thirteen of thirty, and have a little under eight thousand words until the finish line. I wonder how much the t-shirts cost?

3 Replies to “Nearing the Summit”

  1. I’m on day 13 of 30 consecutive days blogging. One day I posted a (really bad) haiku just so I wouldn’t miss a day of NaBloPoMo. I’ll probably do it again before the month is over. I don’t know how anyone can keep keep their butt in the chair long enough to complete NaNoWriMo. You deserve the t-shirt! Ask Santa for it.

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    1. I did NaBloPoMo back when it first started. Who is in charge of it these days? Back in the day a blogger called Eden Kennedy assumed ownership of it (which went down like a lead balloon), and then I think BlogHer absorbed it, exploited it, and ruined it completely.

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      1. Nobody is in charge. People are just doing it on their own with the hashtag. Someone organized a spin-off called nano poblano. If you search that hashtag (or Google it) you can find the info and add yourself to the list.


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