Crossing the Finish Line

9 thoughts on “Crossing the Finish Line”

      1. Fair enough. Kudos for knuckling down and completing it in two weeks. One of my pet hates is people embarking on it and then doing nothing – certainly no writing – but bleating and moaning about how unhappy it’s made them šŸ™‚

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      2. I was almost embarassed about how easily I did it. That being said, I’ve failed in the past. I think part of what made it easy was just being older, more stubborn, and more dogmatic than most šŸ™‚


  1. Congratulations on reaching that finishing line. For me what always follows NaNo is a few weeks off to celebrate the holiday and rest up. After that, I start the next step. I give the book I wrote a read through. Clean it up, take notes or fix places that need doing. Sometimes, I even have to rewrite most of it. Editing, more editing, and then I hire an editor to run it through the grinder again. Beta readers and then work on publishing. šŸ™‚ seriously, though, Congratulations on making it. It is a great the accomplishment. Celebrate.

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    1. Thankyou! It’s been interesting more as an exercise for me – I don’t think I ever had any plan of publishing – it was more a case of seeing how it would feel to write that much. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to shape a body of text into a book.


      1. I think it is a lot like the rest of the process – something you learn and practice. The entire thing takes a lot work, but for some worth it. Other just enjoy the writing. There is nothing wrong with that either. šŸ™‚


  2. I am very impressed and I feel like I am one of the many who seems to be struggling to find time to type about 1600 words a day. This is my first time attempting this challenge due to my English class and it feels literally impossible. Congrats on completing the challenge though!

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    1. I pretty much did nothing else for the last couple of weeks – as soon as I finished chores after getting in from work, I sat and wrote for a couple of hours.


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