While noodling around on the web this evening, I looked at a few of the more famous “A-List” blogs – to see if they are still going – and if their writing is still as interesting, entertaining, and thought provoking as I remembered. I’ll admit to wondering what their secret sauce might be.

This is a recurring theme of course. From one month to another, I go from “I’m quite happy sitting out here on my own little blogging island with a handful of people knowing I’m out here”, to “Must deliver my idiotic words to as many eyeballs as possible”.

I wish I hadn’t looked. It turns out almost everybody has sold-out, and begun posting advertorial rubbish – paid posts advertising free trials of junk they were paid to write about.

Whatever happened to posting because you had something to say, rather than somebody paying you to say it ? Sure, I realise that for some people blogging is a major source of income, buy do they not see that they are cutting off their nose to spite their face ?

Maybe I’m more of a unicorn than I thought.

4 Replies to “Disappointed”

    1. I was just referring to the A-Listers – I’m not going to name them, because it’s unfair. It just seems that as soon as a blog becomes “famous”, the paid posts flood in.


  1. I think there’s probably a lot that goes into people’s various decisions. I get very few eyeballs to my page, even after all this time. It’s actually disappointing when I read other bloggers traffic reports and makes me question what I’m doing wrong. I have personal reasons that went into the decision to add my photography and such, but for me, it’s important to never feel like I’ve sold out or become inauthentic and that factors in all my choices. Recently, I read a travel blogger who pays for all of her own trips specifically for that reason. No questions behind her motives for her posts and that really resonated with me.


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