I’m catching the early train to London tomorrow morning with Miss 18 – we are visiting HyperJapan – an expo of everything to do with Japanese culture – food, art, movies, music, clothes, manga, anime, cosplay, and so on.

It’s all my fault apparently – for getting her started on Studio Ghibli movies, and manga books when she was younger. Now I just annoy her by asking “what’s kawaii again?… and chibi?”

3 Replies to “HyperJapan”

  1. I’m so jealous. I am a casual Japan-o-phile. Their culture produces such beautiful and amazing works of art in all fields. Of course, there’s a lot of weird stuff, too, but that just means there’s something for everyone.

    Enjoy your day with Miss 18. They grow up so fast and are soon out on their own without a lot of time left for deare olde Dad.


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