I have spent the evening tinkering with the new “Twenty Nineteen” theme that’s in sort-of-secret development at WordPress. It’s not generally available yet, but the beta is if you know how to acquire and install such things. Once upon a time I built WordPress themes and plugins to make money on-the-side – so I have to sheepishly admit to knowing far more than I ever let on about such things.

It’s all a very long time ago now though, and when people ask if I can help them build a website, I set them marching in the direction of Weebly or Squarespace, then run in the opposite direction.

It’s not that I’m lazy – I just prefer to walk away from too much tinkering when I get home. I spend all day in the office staring at source code – and have fallen into the trap of taking on extra work at home from time to time – to make extra money. A quote comes to mind:

Too much work and not enough play makes Jack a dull boy
The Shining, by Stephen King

Anyway – getting back to “Twenty Nineteen” – I’ll just wait for it to become available later in the year. I’m not about to up-sticks and tell everybody I’ve moved the blog yet again – only a lunatic would ever do anything like that, right ? (stop laughing).

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