Memories of West Oxfordshire College

4 thoughts on “Memories of West Oxfordshire College”

  1. Interestingly I never took art based subjects in high school or at the community college. Not because I wasn’t interested in learning, but because being judged on my skills probably wouldn’t give me an “A” (or a gold star as my perfectionist tendencies told me that I needed). I really regret that because I think I could have learned a lot. I prefer photographing landscapes to people for probably the same reason you mention. People require a different skill in my opinion and I never get the eyes right. That’s why you’ll see my daughter often featured in the landscapes from behind (that and she doesn’t usually want her face seen on my IG because her friends follow me. lol.). I considered being an accountant and actually took some courses on it during those college years. I also took a summer semester class in microcomputer skills where we did things in DOS. I did poorly at it. lol.

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