Making it to Friday

I think there should be an award for making it to Friday afternoon. Or maybe an award for making it to the end of every day. If there was an award for every day though, does that fall into the Dash observation from The Incredibles though? (“if everybody is special, nobody is special”).

I’m watching the clock tick down through the final minutes of Friday afternoon. My other half and eldest daughter are at home, preparing to head out for their work Christmas dinner – I’m charged with buying pizzas for my younger daughters, and their friend that is staying for a sleepover.

My own work Christmas dinner got cancelled earlier today. In a strange sort of way I’m relieved – it’s one less thing to worry about – one less thing to have to get through. It’s funny how so many people think of me as somehow “social”, and a “people person” – when the truth couldn’t be more different. Yes, I can pretend I’m pleased to be out, and I can strike up conversation with anybody about anything – but in reality I’m usually getting them talking so I don’t have to.

Does that make any sense at all?

My happy place in recent years has been at home with a bottle of wine, a pizza, and a movie with the children. Now the kids are growing up the movies are changing, and the eldest is sharing the wine too, but the essential ingredients have remained the same.

Maybe this evening I’ll set the kids up with a movie, then spirit myself off to the junk room to catch up with the various blogs I follow – and maybe jump down the internet rabbit hole in search of a few more. It’s a strange experience – finding somebody elses blog for the first time – a bit like arriving half-way through a social gathering, and hearing half of the various conversations going on around the room. At least with a blog you get to stand there and listen for as long as you like without anybody noticing you. Of course then you want to comment – and have to agonise over telling the author that you just discovered their blog or not – or if you’re about to follow their writing. It feels like you’re calling a radio talk show, and announcing “First time caller!” (which MUST cause eye rolls in the radio studio).

Anyway. Maybe I’ll do that this evening. If you see comments from me on your blogs, you’ll know why.

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