Making it to Friday

9 thoughts on “Making it to Friday”

  1. I really wish I’d kept track of the blogs I followed in the Golden Age of Blogging. So many interesting lives. Most probably no longer blog but I’d like to find out. Unfortunately I deleted my old Typepad blog: Yeah, But At Least I Live In Los Angeles which had a blogroll on it. Any trick to pull up an archive of that ? Maybe I could access the old urls from comments and blogroll?


    1. If you know the URL, it would be worth looking it up at (the “Wayback Machine”) – they save copies of websites, in much the same way Google does – only they keep them.


    1. I watched “Twilight” with the kids, then “The Force Awakens” after they went to bed, armed with a glass of wine, and the leftover pizza. I didn’t get around to looking for blogs after all (maybe today!)


  2. Hi Jonathan, I think many people who write enjoy the quiet and solitude. Interesting how you refer to the “internet rabbit hole” since I just rewatched parts of “What the Bleep do we know” about the water experiments – possibly another fun, makes you think, movie (if you have not seen it) when you are finished the Twilight Series….adding to your perfect Friday night. 🙂 Erica


    1. I’ve not heard of that “What the *Bleep* do we know” – I’ll have to look it up. The entire weekend has been written off so far – looking after a little cat we have taken on from the local rescue centre. I imagine a blog post will get written later this evening all about him.


  3. Hopefully, they will soon become the best of friends!! Our 1st Golden Retriever was much loved by the youth of our children. We added the Yorkie-Poo when our golden was about 6. They got along well, although the Yorkie was little miss bossy. But the golden was too laid back to care. We now have the 1 1/2 year old Goldendoodle. Sometimes I feel bad that he doesn’t have a doggie companion. Not enough to add another dog though. lol.


    1. (love that you commented on the previous post – still smiling now) – I think it might be a long road with the cats. They are getting over each other already though 🙂


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