The Sun Doesn’t Wait

5 thoughts on “The Sun Doesn’t Wait”

  1. This is where I say that I’ve followed nothing about Tumblr. Mostly because I don’t use that space and my life is already sooo full of stuff I can’t even manage (mostly due to my time management skills…or lack thereof…or the many, many rabbit holes I find). I think it’s great to open yourself to the wider world because you learn a great many things that you may have not thought otherwise, but I do think that you tend to find those whose company you enjoy more than others and your “inner” and “middle” circle can only be so wide before you are not giving what you’d like to those in those circles. Make sense? Or am I rambling much? 😉


    1. I’m working straight through (from home). I think my last “official” day is Monday. I have Christmas Day and Boxing Day off, and New Years Day. Other than that, I’m saving the holiday days where I can. That said – I have booked tomorrow off 🙂


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