Two More Sleeps

4 thoughts on “Two More Sleeps”

  1. It’s so very easy to get lazy, isn’t it? I often have to force myself to go and meet friends…I usually have a great time when I do and am glad I went…and yet I fall into the comfort zone all over again afterwards: “it’s raining…I don’t feel like it…there’s a film I want to watch…etc…”


      1. Wow. You actually replied to my comment and I had no idea until now. I’ve just been catching up on your posts and you – at some point – mentioned the whole WordPress thing…well, I admire your attempts to strike out on your own but like everyone else I must say it IS so much easier to read you and comment AND know if you’ve replied if you’re inside those walls. I’m sorry we’re all frustrating your desire for independence, but I don’t think I would have missed your reply if you’d returned to the fold even earlier…but, welcome back 😁

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