Returning to the Fold ?

11 thoughts on “Returning to the Fold ?”

    1. And that’s what makes me kind of sad about blogging in general – or at least, what it has become. It started outside of the walled gardens – but now unless you’re inside the biggest one, nobody will even bother looking, let alone comment.


      1. This is interesting because I still use an RSS reader (NewsBlur) to follow both blogs and news. I’ve looked at the WordPress reader a few times but it really isn’t for me.

        My experience of WordPress so far is that it tries to make it easier to stay in a lightly waled garden — which you can step outside of if you want — rather than attempting to lock you in as most proprietary networks do.

        It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad either.


    1. It’s a common story that I’ve heard from a lot of people. It’s a shame, because blogging started outside of the hosted systems – but now unless youre within one of them, nobody will bother look, let alone read. You’re not the only one that told me similar.

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  1. The question is whether you deliberately test your readers by switching mediums all the time… Only those who really want to follow you make the actual effort to *really* follow you…

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