Christmas already seems like a memory – which is a strange thing to say, because it was only a few days ago – but it is already falling into the past – something that happened – not something that just happened. Maybe it feels so strange because we are in the days between Christmas and New Year – a limbo of sorts – no longer Christmas, and not yet New Year.

I am rapidly becoming the master of “the other thing”. When I know something needs to be done, I invariably find the other thing that doesn’t need to be done, and complete that first – then I find something else, and so on. Yesterday evening I wrote letters, caught up on email, and read recent blog posts by distant friends. I should really have been setting out the new bullet journal – still wrapped in cellophane. I also went shopping for letter writing supplies – including a new fountain pen – of course I found my old fountain pen after returning home, because I’m kind of an idiot.

Do you ever buy things with all the good intentions, and then think “why did I do that?”. I do it all the time. I bought some writing paper, and a new pen – but didn’t try the pen out until I got home. The ink soaks into the paper like it was some sort of secret men-in-black ink absorbancy test using extra-terrestrial materials. I kid you not. I think if you left the pen touching the paper for more than a few seconds, the paper would suck all the ink out of the pen. I’ve never seen anything like it. I imagine if the paper fell into the wrong hands, the world would run out of ink within days.

Anyway! Have you ever noticed that nearly every blog post I write has an “Anyway!” in it somewhere? Usually it happens after I’ve gone off down some sort of rat-hole, contemplating something that doesn’t need contemplating, catching myself just in time before you fall asleep standing up, and do yourself a mischief. So you should really be thanking me when I say “Anyway!”, because I’m helping you. Honest.

I really have nothing of importance to impart at the moment.

The highlight of the day so far was a visit to the local optician with our eldest daughter, who complained her glasses were pinching her nose. In the space of half an hour the optician tested her eyes, DIDN’T adjust her glasses, and tried to sell me a new pair of glasses and lenses – even though her prescription hasn’t changed. I saw a very large number indeed pop up on the screen, and did my best not to have a panic attack. We came away from the optician without buying said glasses (which might have been made of exotic alloys, for all I know) – needless to say, Miss 18 is now not talking to me – because OF COURSE Dad can afford a 700 pair of reading glasses the week after Christmas. Hint – we’ll be going to a different shop to get her eyes tested again, and to choose a pair of glasses that are spectacularly more reasonable.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a rather large collection of alcoholic beverages bought in for Christmas that haven’t been touched. I’m doing my best, but I’m not very good at this whole “day drinking” lark. I have one drink, and struggle to stay awake. If I fall asleep halfway through a sentence, you’ll know why.

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