One Day Left

7 thoughts on “One Day Left”

  1. I like your last paragraph and it’s something I do try to live by. It’s always tempting to look back at mistakes made and agonise about what could or should have been done better.

    I make an effort to stop myself doing this, though (and it gets a lot easier with time) because where I’m going is a much more interesting journey than where I’ve been.


    1. I just commented on somebody elses blog similar sentiments – that the biggest lesson for me – particularly since having children – is that nobody really knows what they are doing – everybody is making it up as they go along. Once you realise that, and stop seeing lies as goals, life becomes a LOT less stressful.

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  2. I like to reflect. I don’t live there, but I definitely like to learn from the space and also give myself kudos for the accomplishments that I didn’t pay attention to at the time.

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    1. It’s easy when you’re in the thick of it to lose sight of everything, isn’t it. When people used to comment about our kids behaviour being good while out for dinner when they were little, I always smiled to myself – it was no damn accident.

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  3. I too often wonder why we humans feel the need to mark the time that it passes. We mark certain days as more important than others. We attach feelings and memories to them.

    My take on it is that we evolved to remember certain things such as unpleasant or dangerous encounters because they help us protect ourselves just as the good memories help us find resources that we need to survive. We are a social species and so we need to be conscious of not only our own experiences but the experiences of others. We started to celebrate things which are important to us and to others as a way to interact positively with other people. But, anything that goes on for long enough eventually starts to take on a life of it’s own. The inertia has carried us to the present day where traditions and times are kept as a record of things that were important to people and societies long past. We keep them because it’s what we’ve always done and because it’s what’s expected of us. However, we always have the ability to choose something different. If we benefit from the tradition though, why change things at all?

    Also, looking back can be an important step to help us in the future. While it’s not good to ruminate on things for too long, it’s also not good to just shove your feelings down and never take the time to process them at all. As someone who has always been and always will be an emotional person I’ve done both and now I’m learning that I need a balance between both. Humans are complex, we may never understand ourselves, yet often we do wonder.

    I hope that this New Year sees you well. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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