New Years Day

It always seems like the first post of a new year should have some important news to impart – the story of an adventure, an intelligent insight, or something equally engaging. Unfortunately I have nothing of the sort to share – caused mostly by celebrating the new year with friends until the early hours.

While quietly knocking around the house throughout the day, I have at least started filling out the bullet journal that will see me through the coming year. So far it has a double page spread for January, and a double page spread for this week. While using bullet journals over the last few years I have evolved my own method – which is close to, but not exactly the same as that described in the “official” book by Ryder Carroll (which I got for Christmas!). I think that’s the point of bullet journals though – it’s not a specific method – more a collection of methods you might pick and choose from.

My pages tend to be very spartan compared to many you see shared on Instagram – I suppose “utilitarian”, or “minimalist” might be good words to describe them – just underlined headings for days or months, and list of tasks. Occasionally I write notes, but generally it’s just about recording what I want to get done on a given day, or what I did on a given day. Quite apart from helping me become more mindful while drawing up each new week, I now find the record of the past is invaluable when queries are made about time recording at work. What was I working on last Tuesday? – hang on – let me just check.

Enough about that.

Time is ticking on. I have to somehow kick-start my body clock back towards the normal routine in the morning. I should really have an early night. I found it amazing how quickly I lost track of which day of the week it was while working from home over the Christmas break.

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