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  1. Oblivion is one of my all time favourite games. I sunk soooo many hours into that game and was obsessed with my character – a male dark elf named Fitz! Skyrim was also brilliant but I didn’t get into it as much as I would have liked – despite my love of dragons. Actually, maybe that’s why!

    I hope it is okay with you that I add my thoughts about games. For me, games are another medium to tell a story through – it’s one reason I have a fascination with games. I also would love to write them but the closest I have come is a visual novel. Of course, it depends on the game. But even a shooter like CoD (MW2 I believe) had an amazing story. So for me, games are another way to hear a story, and also have benefited me by expanding my imagination! I may also just be really hyped about games right now because Blizzard are releasing a WoW: Classic edition and I’ve not been able to get into WoW quite as much ever since the stream of expansions came out. Where was I going with this?

    Rum! Rum is delicious. Have you tried having Baileys from inside chocolate? I saw it on an advert and it looked tasty!

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    1. I think the RPG games require a LOT of effort – or rather, time, to immerse yourself in them properly. Starting Skyrim over again has made me realise just how vast it is – and how complex the whole magic/skill/talent tree is. I don’t know how people keep track of where the various locations, houses, people, and objects are – unless they draw paper maps as they go ?

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      1. Honestly, I’m struggling to remember. I thought that for quests you could select to show location for hand ins? But that might be another game. I used to actually have the map from oblivion on my wall haha, including the smaller one for the shivering isle. Maybe there’s a game guide though if it is getting confusing with Skyrim? What are you playing as? I don’t recall looking up builds for Skyrim but there are probably some about online!

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  2. Iā€™m going to order from the library the book , of the movie trailer you posted it looks good I have a friend who read it she said watch the movie but I would probably read the book first. What do you think?

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  3. My middle son used to play Skyrim. He also played Assassin’s Creed, which they’ve made into a movie, but I haven’t watched. I haven’t played video games in a long time, but they can be fun. šŸ™‚ Do you drink anything with the rum or just straight rum? I have to have a mixer, but I know plenty of people who like their liquor just “on the rocks”! I had margaritas for the new year and the tequila is now gone. My book list just keeps growing!

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    1. Me too! There’s a fine line though – take this post for instance – I didn’t notice the hilarious grammar or sentence construction in the first paragraph until I looked at it again this afternoon (I’ve been out all day).


  4. I can’t believe nobody commented on the grammar errors in the first two sentences – I just looked back at the post for the first time since writing it last night, and can’t quite believe it (they are corrected now).


  5. I used to love video games…I don’t know why it didn’t stick, but I should probably be glad. And don’t say your blog isn’t meaningful- I love the glimpse these posts give me into your life, and into the lives of others. It gives me a more informed picture of the wider world, and I love it. It does enrich my life. So there. šŸ™‚


  6. I never did manage to get into Skyrim. I imagine this is because I am not a huge fan of open world gaming. I like games with a strong storyline, and an ending. I like to be able to move onto the next game. The few exceptions to this are games like Stardew Valley or Don’t Starve, resource gathering/survival/crafting type games that are easy to pop in and out of. Otherwise I want to play it, beat it, move onto the next. Not spend six years just roaming through it.


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