Manic Monday

I have “Monday Monday” by the Bangles bouncing around inside my head today. It won’t go away. I think “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles may have been the first twelve inch single I ever bought. Oh crikey – it just occurred to me that most people younger than perhaps thirty will have no idea what a “twelve inch single” is. I’m turning into a dinosaur. Hell – they probably have no idea who “The Bangles” are either, let alone Suzannah Hoffs (a name to be whispered reverentially).

Monday is being anything other than manic, to be honest – but at least it’s giving me time to clear the decks before twenty nineteen arrives in earnest, and tips my life upside down. I just went through appointments for the month ahead, and have already made the “Month” day in my Bullet Journal look like a battlefield.

Oh – random discovery for the day – most people pronounce the name of the company that make the most popular bullet journals incorrectly. Leuchtturm (spelled phonetically) is loikt-toorm – with the k pronounced as a soft sound (imagine preparing to spit). It means “Lighthouse”, and for a bonus point the company was founded in 1917, in Hamburg – on the coast. They started out selling stamp albums, and still do so.

Did you also know that Moleskine notebooks are sold by a company founded in Italy called Modo & Modo? Although they claim an esteemed history – being used by writers of years past – they were actually designed in the late 1990s, and modelled after small notebooks sold in Paris in the early 1900s. As with many things, the notebooks are manufactured in China.

It’s amazing what you can find out if you fall down an internet rabbit hole, isn’t it.

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