Living in Hope

7 thoughts on “Living in Hope”

  1. I hear you. We went from doing nothing to triple booked…no time to adjust, just hit the ground running.

    I type this from the pool where 11yo is in lifeguard training while boy is at hockey practice. Then, girl and I are off to Paris for a game, an hour away. Tonight, baseball at a local gym. And tomorrow it’s back to school….

    Parenting is not for wimps! 🙃

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  2. It’s funny you posted this . While talking to my son who is away at his base and his allowed one more day with his phone before classes start . We were talking about how tired we were and we didn’t even do much that Christmas felt all over the place and we were home most of the time this yr. but yet feel frazzled and getting back into life lol is harder this time. So strange…


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