Manic Monday

4 thoughts on “Manic Monday”

  1. Meh Monday is more like it. Or Blah. 🙃

    Trying to think back which was my first single I bought…since I’m a dinosaur too. Can’t remember… (See? Old…😉)

    I know how to pronounce that word by the way since I speak German… Ha! Interesting post. I passed a Dollar Store today called Dolarama and every single item in there is probably made in China…

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  2. Thank you for getting ‘Manic Monday’ stuck in my head, Jonathan. ☺️ For a about a week I’ve been assaulted with the song: ‘Baby shark do dooo do dooo’ (you can find it on you tube if you’ve not had the pleasure ☺️). Manic Monday is the only song that’s come close to dislodging it. 😂

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