Recycling and Resurrection

8 thoughts on “Recycling and Resurrection”

  1. I’m sure your daughter was thoroughly impressed by your skills. Or maybe not. She is a teenager after all. 😉 All kidding aside, I’m impressed! Not with the spider though. Yuck!


  2. OMGGGGGGG to think at one point that spider was right next to her hands, still alive. Eeeeeeeek!!!!!

    I wish I had a nerdy someone right now because my laptop has got a motherboard error and a bad sector. Since I don’t, I had to order a new one. It’s supposed to arrive today. Meanwhile, this one is acting as if there’s nothing at all wrong with it!!!!!

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      1. That’s exactly what I got, based solely on your recommendation! I use Google and Chrome exclusively and only need it for internet based stuff. WordPress, FB, Twitter, Insta, etc and Gmail. That’s it and that’s all.

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  3. Lol! I know exactly how you feel, my husband is in the process of buying a gaming laptop & he says its the most interaction he’s ever had from our boys! I say – at least they’ve finally found something to bond over…
    Well done dad, you saved the day! 👍


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