Kicking Myself up the Arse

16 thoughts on “Kicking Myself up the Arse”

  1. Your blog pieces definitely haven’t been rubbish! But isn’t it funny how we doubt ourselves… But I think I know what you mean. I think for a lot of us it turns into quantity over quality, I know I’m the same. But you must be doing something right is your readers are still reading… So keep it up. Although, Walter Mitty is also a good idea πŸ€”

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    1. It’s probably not as bad as I’m making it sound – we have access to all sorts of credit – we just don’t want to use it unless we absolutely have to.


  2. I enjoy your posts. I’ve mentioned before how you notice all the details. And was mentioning this very fact to my husband earlier today. I notice details about life as I pass through it, but I’m not so sure that I could recollect it precisely enough to write it out. Some of your pub tales and the creations you imagine them experiencing could definitely have a Walter Mitty tone to them (I l-o-v-e that movie!! Now I’m thinking I need to find it and watch it again!!).

    I’m sorry to hear that the letter-writing is on hold. I thought I’d be writing back, but instead, I’ll get one out soon (although I think it takes over a week to get there). I missed the getting of the new car! Glad that you’ve gotten it resolved even if the existence of the problem was a huge bummer! We’ve had to make shifts to our spending patterns as well. But getting rid of cable freed up a big chunk! lol.

    Life itself is always full of tales. We just have to choose which ones we want to share. πŸ™‚

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  3. Oh Christmas has a way of doing that .some thing always breaks down or we go a bit over our budget. Well no worries about the letters . Understandable and by the way your posts are not rubbish..always look forward to reading them.

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  4. Aha! Anyway is one of my go to words too! Good ol’ faithful! I’m happy reading your blogs in which ever way they unfold. You do you, it’ll be better than anything else. You know, for some reason today I have sounded like a bunch of positive slogans. Anyway (eh heh heh) I look forward to your next post. I also hope Lady Luck finds herself on your side soon. xx

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  5. Sitting at a desk every weekday, drowning in chores every evening, and standing on sports ground touch-lines on weekends doesn’t provide a very deep well of stories.

    I can fully relate to this, although in our case it’s sitting in sport halls watching karate tournaments — which is a lot warmer at this time of year. The thing that always worries me about my own blog is when I start to feel that I’m obsessing too much over a single issue.

    Good luck with fixing your financial issues.

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  6. I could never write crap that wasn’t true. I can’t imagine sticking to the lie. What if your lying timeline didn’t match up. How people do that whole catfish thing is wild to me, and although it’s so freaking sad and pathetic that it happens, it’s honestly kind of impressive, haha.

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    1. It’s insane, isn’t it – how some people can lie, and then somehow remember their lies so they don’t get caught out – well, apart from Donald Trump, who just lies, and lies, and lies.


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