Nothing in Particular

We made it to Friday again! Do we get cake, or party poppers or something? It feels like we should.

I walked into work again this morning – dragging my eldest daughter with me. She’s sitting opposite me, quietly tinkering with something or other on her laptop, and fiddling with her bullet journal. It took us about three quarters of an hour to walk in – a couple of miles through town, and then a mile through a country estate to the office. The last mile is mercifully quiet after dodging maniac parents delivering children to schools throughout the town.

I’m tinkering too. I switched back to Google Mail this morning, after several months trying out Outlook. Part of the reason had been because Outlook plays nicely with the native iOS apps on my phone – I’ve finally given up on that, and installed Google Mail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. They work so much better than Apple’s own offerings it’s not even funny.

I have also migrated my draft blog posts back into Google Drive. I have written posts outside of WordPress for years – and given the advent of the new “Gutenberg” editor, it makes a lot of sense to write elsewhere, and copy the words in when I’m happy with them. I thought about trying out “Grammarly”, that seems to have adverts all over the web at the moment (or is it just me seeing them – has the universe decided I can’t write for toffee?) – but their website has this cunning trick where they say “we found two issues with your writing, but you need to buy a “pro” account to find out what they are”. They must have thought I was born yesterday – I’ll put up with my typos, grammar, and punctuation mistakes for free, thank you very much.

This is yet another blog post about nothing in particular, isn’t it. Saying something, instead of having something to say. I promised myself not to do these kinds of posts.

Ooh! Something of note DID happen today. The other half of one of the members of staff appeared with a rather large camera, and we were marched outside to take photos for the company website. She actually arrived yesterday lunchtime, but several of us looked scruffy enough that we were given the option of re-appearing today looking a little more presentable. It was all a bit surreal really – taking turns to stand by the riverbank, a little way from the office, while an enormous lens was pointed at our face, and we were directed to look this way and that. I’ve never had my photo taken for professional services before, and still don’t know what purpose it might serve.

What else has been going on? Oh yes – the Bullet Journal. I’ve switched from drawing out each week across two pages to the ultimate in laziness – “rapid logging”. All you do each day is write out a heading for the date, and then start writing down the things you are supposed to have done, or the things that have cropped up during the day. That’s it. It helps if you open the book on a morning and methodically list out the things you tried to remind yourself about before the day starts – I believe this is called “reflection”. You’re supposed to do it at the end of the day too, but I rarely do – I’m usually arm-deep in washing up, dirty clothes, and rubbish bags on an evening.

Anyway. I think that’s enough droning on about forgettable nonsense for one day. Maybe I’ll find time a little later to catch up on the escapades of those that really have been off on adventures, rather than sitting at a computer all day.

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