Nothing in Particular

13 thoughts on “Nothing in Particular”

  1. Yes it’s Friday! Maybe not quite a party to celebrate but I can definitely have a celebratory drink! 🍹 or 2 🍹🍸… & loving your idea about jotting down headlines – might use that myself 💡👍

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  2. Hearing lots about the “bullet journal” these days. I have been a long term fan of the Franklin Planner, although, curious to check into the bullet journal and possibly adapt or morph the two. Writing about “Nothing in particular” seemed to keep Jerry Seinfeld going for many years. TGIF!

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    1. I think in many ways the Bullet Journal is the antithesis of all the other journals out there – it’s essentially the idea of starting with an empty book, and using it in a particular way. It’s worth noting that all the pretty pictures you see all over pinterest of people’s bullet journals are not really what it’s about at all – the “real” bullet journal stuff is just about how to use task lists for months and days in a sensible way.

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  3. I use the free version of Grammarly, mainly for those moments when my mind works faster than my fingers. It tends to catch some of that. I’m still wrapping my mind around the Gutenberg editor. I haven’t really used it for my main posts, but to fix old posts, I have to use it.

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    1. I tend to think of the Gutenburg editor as a publishing “lay up” tool – and it’s great at it. I realised earlier that writing in Google Docs has it’s advantages too – because it catches spelling errors on the fly 🙂

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  4. We definitely should be given something for making it through to Friday! All I got is a few hours to do household chores before going to bed and working part of the weekend.

    Hey thanks for telling us about Chromebooks! I’m loving mine so far!!!!!

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    1. I had a Chromebook for a long time – my other half has had it since her laptop stopped working. At the moment I have a hand-me-down laptop from the kids that just about works, running ElementaryOS – which is similar to Chrome in many respects.


  5. I still use Vim to write my blog posts — and everything. It has a spellchecker and, really, that’s all that I want.

    I did look at the Gutenberg editor very briefly, but I couldn’t get to grips with it at all.


  6. I think when we write about nothing in particular it reminds us that sometimes life is just that…day in and day out, same old. Putting it into words however requires talent. So there. 🙂


  7. Well. You know…maybe what makes this blog so nice to read is that it’s a nice mix of forgettable nonsense and lovely deep things. It’s a little bit of everything. Just like life, really. ☺️🌈


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