Contemplating Submersion

20 thoughts on “Contemplating Submersion”

  1. On the other side of it, an anonymous writer isn’t free to tell stories which could identify him — that’s pretty frustrating too! It’s like walking a tightrope, whoever we are, I think.

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    1. This is an important distinction too. I know I’ve read blogs where the author is very honest about their activities and feels justified including other people in their tales too who may or may not know they’re being talked about in great detail. I don’t know if being anonymous is a complete pass for that… it’s a slippery slope.

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  2. I think there are definitely pros and cons of both. I’ve thought of this before too, but overall I like my friends and family getting to see some of my deepest thoughts because it opens us all up to discussions about things that are important to me. I get wanting to be anonymous too though!


  3. I struggled with this as well when I started up blogging again. I even went as far as creating a fake Gmail account so that I could have a new blog not associated with my IntrepidAngeleno / Jinjer account. But then I decided it would be too much trouble to try to keep up with the secret so I just continued blogging away as little ol’ me. LOL

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  4. No-one is ever as anonymous as they think they are on the internet. Sooner or later, someone, somewhere will connect the dots and then you discover you’ve said something that you now regret.

    It is true that posting under my own name does limit what I am willing to say. On the other hand, to post anonymously would force me to be far more careful about any and all potentially identifying information I put out there — and this sounds like much more work to me.

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  5. I struggle with the same dilemma… it’s a tough one with no right or wrong answer. Go with your gut! There’s no harm trying new things, if it doesn’t work out how you expect it to you can always divert back…. Good luck!

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  6. Why don’t you keep this one and open another anonymous blog? You could try it out for a while and see if you like it.

    But, as others have already mentioned, anonymity doesn’t give you a free pass to unload lots of detail. I’ve had two privacy breaches despite thinking I was keeping my identity vague! As you know, I’m now even vaguer and have set my blog to private… and I STILL worry about another breach!

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  7. I’m not trying step over the line but it seems to me your thinking too much . Maybe… take a step back and take a breather on here and get your thoughts in order before doing something you may later wish you hadn’t.


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