Not Again Surely

If you just wandered into this post, and know my recent history on the internet, you’re probably thinking “not again, surely?”. Erm. Well. Yes actually. Again. I’ve always liked what the guys at did with their blog hosting platform – if you’ve never heard of it, it links to Evernote, and turns the various notes you post into Evernote into a nicely formatted blog. It divorces you from worrying about anything to do with the blog – you can just think about the words, and the system takes care of everything else for you.

You see, I know that I’m my own worst enemy. Given anything to tinker with, I will tinker with it. If I remove any and all methods of tinkering from my grasp, I’m forced to just get on with writing words, instead of wondering about this font, or that font – or choosing a stock photo to go with the words today (there are only so many coffee cup photos you can find for free online, before having to clean the kitchen and start taking your own).

There’s a bit of a story to tell about this blog platform too though – about how I used it once before, and how a spammer stole my username. I was re-organising my notebooks in Evernote, and deleted the blog, with all the intentions in the world of re-creating it. Only that’s not quite what happened. I had to step away for a while inbetween tearing the blog down, and recreating it, and in that time window a spammer stole my username. Without dressing up my thoughts too much, I lost my shit. I deleted everything, and walked away – back to WordPress. I think the thing that annoyed me the most is that the spammer somehow saved my posts, and re-published them as their own writing – I’m guessing they used the cache feature at Google to see what used to be there, before re-publishing it all.

Fast forward to the last couple of weeks, and I found myself looking at Evernote again, and reminding myself how much I liked it. I then looked at, and decided to do something about the spammer (who by now had started ripping off other people’s posts too). Cutting a long story very short indeed, the guys at came out to bat for me – shutting down the spammer, and returning the account name to me. I finally regained control of it on Friday, and started pushing posts back into Evernote ready to re-publish earlier this evening. Four and a half thousand posts. Thankfully I had a python script lying around that did it all for me – you didn’t think I uploaded them by hand, did you??

I can only imagine what the spike must have looked like in the server farm when the tidal wave of posts arrived earlier this evening.


Enough with the nerdy stuff. I’ll work on migrating comments over in the coming days from the last couple of years at WordPress, and then get back to posts about life, family, travel, chores, train platforms, coffee shops, people watching, and all the other rubbish you expect me to write about.

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