Table for One

Oh how the mighty fall. After a wonderful evening out last night, this evening saw me braving sub-zero temperatures as I determinedly strode the – oh – two hundred yards to the nearest restaurant to the hotel. Asking for a table for one always seems uncomfortable – I’m not sure why. I’m sure the waiting staff in a restaurant would rather see a single person arrive than a family with several young children that are going to talk, shout, go to the toilet fifteen times, and destroy any and all table decorations within their grasp.

I’ve been to this Japanese restaurant many times before. It has become my default option, after the supermarket, for an evening meal. Something hot, and freshly cooked – rather negated by the sub-zero walk, but it smelled and tasted wonderful, and was delivered to my table by a toothy young Japanese woman who spoke wonderfully correct English. I can’t complain about her language course diction, because the only Japanese I know has been learned from classic second world war movies.

I chose “Yakitori”, followed by some kind of stir fry, and a glass of house wine. I always wonder if I should really be ordering Saki in the Japanese restaurant, but suspect they would rip people off spectacularly for it. I bought two bottles of Saki at HyperJapan last year – for myself and my eldest daughter – and decided it was far too easy to drink (and therefore an expensive slippery slope) – I haven’t touched it since.

I noticed the menus proudly proclaim that all meals are glutemate free – I have still to look up what this actually means. I know most takeaway food is loaded with monosodiumglutemate, so I’m guessing they mean that. I wonder what it is, and what it does?

So. It’s not even 7pm yet, and I’m back in the hotel room, listening to music on a satellite TV channel, and sitting at the desk typing this into the Amazon Fire tablet via a Bluetooth keyboard. There is a book propped on the bedside table that I’ve been promising myself to read for quite some time. Maybe I’ll do that.

p.s. if this post automagically re-posts itself from Evernote, to, and on to WordPress, I’ll be seriously impressed with my own nerd credentials.

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