Finding a Few Minutes

It’s heading towards midnight, and I find myself sitting in the junk room in the dark, emptying the remains of my thoughts into the keyboard. Claire de Lune is playing on an Amazon Prime playlist, and the house is largely quiet.

The week is only a day old, and yet somehow it feels like several days have passed. The first day back after traveling is always difficult – filling timesheets, filing expenses and so on – and then of course you find yourself playing catch-up with the work you should have been doing all along.

I’m frustrated with the book I started reading last week. It started really well, and I had high hopes for it, but then discovered a glaring hole in the plot that has unraveled the entire thing in my head. I’ll persevere with it, but like I say – frustrating.

In other news, I have started watching Game of Thrones from the start again. I’ve seen each season in the past – when they first aired – but it’s been interesting, watching again with the knowledge of what is to come. There are a LOT of hints early on that you would miss entirely on a first watch. I suppose in some ways it shows how good the early seasons were, while still following the plot of the books. Once a room full of script writers took over (yes, I’m looking at you, Season 7), the entire story turned into a medieval soap opera where nothing made sense any more.

Anyway – it’s nearly midnight. If tomorrow is anything like today, I’ll need some sleep. Time to turn in for the night.

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