Experimenting with Tumblr

I’ve put my mad professor coat on this lunchtime, and set an experiment up. After leaving Tumblr a couple of months ago, swearing I would not return, I have inevitably returned. There is a reason though. Honest. This isn’t just me messing around. Ok, maybe it is, but I’ll explain anyway.

Over lunch I setup a Tumblr account, and then wrote some Python script to back-populate it with the last few months worth of blog posts from my archive. Eventually I will back-populate the whole lot, but Tumblr has a daily posting limit – it may take some time.


I want to find out if a journal style diary will still pick up organic traffic at Tumblr – to see if people discover it, follow it, and like the posts without me marketing it. It’s going to be interesting (for a given value of interesting).

Of course I’ll carry on writing here – I’m not about to MOVE the blog. It’s just an experiment (he says to himself, and then sits on his hands to prevent himself from tinkering any further).

Being out here, posting to a blog that isn’t in the middle of “platform” has been interesting over the last few weeks – it’s very quickly shown me who are really interested in reading, rather than only being interested in attracting me towards their blog. And on that note, I suppose I really should head off to Feedly, and start reading some of the growing mountain of posts I have not read yet. If you see a comment from me, now you know why.

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