Do you ever have days when you sit down to empty your head into the keyboard, and you just sit staring at the monitor ? I’m having one of those days – and it explains why this post is called “Thursday”, because that’s all I can think about to share with you. It’s Thursday.

Of course quite a lot DID happen, but I can’t share any of that because of all sorts of arcane rules I have made for myself about never mentioning work. It’s not that I can’t mention work – just that it doesn’t make for the most riveting subject in the world ever. It’s ironic really – I build the corporate systems that office workers hate using – and if I do my job well enough, nobody realises I did anything. Of course if anything ever goes wrong, or doesn’t work in the way somebody that matters imagined it should, I know about THAT pretty damn quickly.

I’ll shut up about that now.

(Twenty minutes pass)

It’s really no surprise that my blog posts appear so disjointed. Most of them are either written in minutes, or returned to over the course of three or four hours – a few minutes at a time. While writing this I’ve cleared the kitchen, put washing in the machine, folded laundry that was in the machine, cleared washing up again, made a coffee, attempted to have a chat with Miss 18, and now find myself back in here writing while my other half fetches Miss 13 from an after-school club (her second tonight). This is normal, if you were wondering.

They will be back in a few minutes, and we’ll be dishing up dinner – which reminds me – I should go set the table. The cooker alarm is due to go off soon too.

(Two hours pass)

And here I am again. It’s now nearly 10pm, and I’m finally getting the chance to spend a few minutes writing this. Dinner somehow turned into a trivia card quiz game that was on the bookshelf next to the table – then the children wanted to play Trivial Pursuit (god knows why, because their general knowledge is hilariously bad – even with the family version). The game dragged on and on as everybody got more and more bored. In-between the games we had a break to clear the dishes away, clean the kitchen again, and do whatever else everybody else did while I was doing that. I won the game of Trivial Pursuit by the way – we eventually threw everybody in the middle and took turns in a sudden death round to finish the game.

Roll on tomorrow. At least it’s Friday tomorrow, right ?

Oh – and guess who’s headed back to Germany on Monday morning.

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