A Race Against Time

It’s heading towards midnight, and I’m racing to post something to the blog before Friday becomes Saturday. Yes, this is a mania to make sure I have at least one post per day. And yes, I am mad. I have something like 14 minutes to get these words out onto the internet. 13 minutes now. I would have had half an hour, but the cats came running into the house a few minutes ago like their tails were on fire – causing me to drop everything, and give the younger one – Kaspar – a fuss.

It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that Kaspar – although small, and relatively young – is actually some kind of crime lord in the local area already – some sort of Al Pacino character that rules through fear and intimidation. He doesn’t even look cute most of the time – he stares at you with huge green eyes that could really imply anything. It really doesn’t help his cause when he stands in the middle of the kitchen and lets out by far the most pathetic meow I’ve ever heard. His other end is far more impressive – he walked into Miss 18’s bedroom earlier, let a silent fart go, and she had to leave the room. It was THAT bad.

8 minutes left.

I really don’t have any huge or interesting stories to tell at the moment – work has been never-ending, and family life has been it’s usual chaotic self. I’m looking forward to a slower weekend than usual – our youngest is at a sleepover both tonight and tomorrow night, our middle girl has a friend staying tonight, and I’m apparently taking our eldest out to Starbucks in the morning. Oh – and tomorrow night I’ve been roped into propping up the staff table at the infant school quiz night. Taking part in the quiz night is more about drinking wine than knowing anything – and that’s something I know how to do – although I’m sadly out of practice.

I’m sure something entirely forgettable will occur to me before the weekend is out that must be shared with the internet. Until then, you’ll most likely find me nerding out with the old Apple Mac, or nursing a post-quiz hangover.

3 minutes left to post this. There. I did it.

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