Where Did Monday Go ?

How is it already 9pm? Where did Monday go? How did I manage to make it through the day after falling asleep at 2am, and waking up again 4 hours later? Why does my body feel like it’s shutting down on me, one system at a time? I suppose while at least my fingers are still working I may as well empty my head into the keyboard.

Of course it would help if there was anything to empty from my head. I’m coming up woefully short on anything interesting or entertaining to tell you – which, considering I’ve been working out how to best pay for a Squarespace account, doesn’t really bode well for this whole blogging thing, does it. Maybe I’ll just retreat into internet obscurity, leaving a trail of disjointed blog posts behind me like a modern re-telling of Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb story.

Oh – I nearly forgot – I’m still back-populating the not-so-secret Tumblr account with photos from Instagram, and cross-posting from the blog when I remember. I’m nearly back to the start of 2017, where I will probably stop the idiocy. So far the Tumblr account has picked up 40-something followers – mostly bots, rebloggers, or marketing morons. I know the word “moron” is a bit mean, but I like alliteration.

I spent longer that I really should have at breakfast time today wondering about re-naming the Tumblr account. I can’t use “jonbeckett” because some French guy with a mountain bike acquired it a few years ago. He then lost the username to some reblogger, which made me laugh more than it should have. I also can’t use “jonbeckett404”, because I’ve used it before (and it’s therefore not available to anybody for several years). If you’re wondering, 404 is the HTTP response code for “Not Found”. I did think about going with the suffix 503, which means “Service Unavailable”. Or maybe something altogether more eccentric – “jonbeckett418”. It turns out if a webserver sends back the HTTP response code 418 it means “I’m a teapot”. You can go read the back-story yourself – I just think it’s a delightfully quirky, idiotic, and silly story that’s too ridiculous to be made up.

In the meantime, I have the domain name “jonbeckett.com” sitting doing nothing. One day, when I’m independently wealthy, I’ll sign up for Squarespace and put a website on it. If I sold the retro iMac (that I’m using to write this post), I could probably fund Squarespace for a good few months. Well… two months maybe. I don’t think a late model iMac in blueberry (or whatever Apple called this shade of blue plastic) is really worth that much.

Maybe I should upgrade the iMac – replace it’s hard drive with an SSD, and max out it’s memory – turn it into a slightly faster anachronistic finger up the nose of progress.

Anyway. I do believe I’ve just written several hundred words about nothing at all. I can only apologise. I will do better, I promise.

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