Smoldering Embers

I’ve been sitting in the junk room, procrastinating for the last half an hour. It’s been a day. A long day. A good day in parts. The fiery exploits of yesterday continued into this morning when I discovered my entire development environment was still pretty spectacularly buggered – most of the fire was out by late morning, and I started cranking code out once again.

It’s odd – I’ve been using the same development environment for the last year, and trusting it implicitly. That trust has now gone – every time I save anything I wonder if the file I have saved is intact – not corrupted in some strange and inventive way. That being said, this afternoon I made huge progress and pulled the project back on course – or at least a little closer to the course I wanted to be on.

Enough about work. I try not to talk too much about work, because I can’t share enough to make it interesting. I work with some wonderful characters, and wish I could tell the stories that involve them. And yes, I am pulling my “professional” hat on. Professional can be tremendously boring sometimes.

Perhaps it’s time to go read a book and close the phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever else for an hour. It’s difficult though – most of my friends live inside the phone, tablet, laptop or whatever else.

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