Retracing my Steps

After a long and rambling journey around the internet over the last few months, I think I might have found a home for my blog. Tumblr. Yes, Tumblr – the very same platform I left some months ago, swearing never to return. Except I did return, but didn’t tell anybody. A couple of weeks ago I quietly re-appeared, and began migrating old blog posts in – mostly because I had just figured out that I could. Today I returned with a little more purpose, renamed the account, and connected my old domain name.

In a strange sort of way returning to Tumblr feels like returning home. For the last several months I’ve posted my writing to my own little blogging island via Evernote. Where you might think of WordPress as a battleship, my little blog at was more a collection of rubber bands, beer mats, sticky tape, and scraps of paper. It worked though. Somewhat miraculously.

Anyway. Enough about blogging.

I should really go and get some sleep. Our eldest daughter has an early start in the morning – which really means that I have an early start in the morning to wake her up. I really don’t mind that much because it’s a good excuse to get up early and reclaim some of the morning for myself – an hour before the rest of the family arrive downstairs and start hunting for socks, ties, and shoes in the furious manner they typically seem to.

“Where’s my PE kit?”

“Where you left it?”

(lots of cursing and crashing and banging around ensues)

“Thanks for NOT helping!”

“You’re welcome – do you want a cup of tea?”

“NO, because I CAN’T FIND MY PE KIT!”

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