Made it to Friday!

If there was a shop selling cake nearby, I might go and buy one. For me. It’s been that kind of week. If there was another shop selling toy medals and trophies, I might get some of those too – and award them to myself – you know, like the members of the royal family that turn up at official events wearing so many medals that their balance is thrown off and they can only walk in circles. They must have had quite a few Fridays like this.

I’m spending my lunchtime writing this. Rather than go for a walk, make a drink, or anything else that involves leaving my desk, I’m staying here in front of the keyboard – slowly becoming a part of the furniture. When they dig this office up in a million years, they’ll think I’m an undiscovered species – part man, part office chair. The missing link.

I found out yesterday that I’ll be heading out on the road again soon – first to the north of England, then to Wales, and then… I don’t know where after that. I’ll be going into full parachute-display-team mode, landing in other people’s projects, and either wrecking them, or improving them. Nobody ever notices if you improve things.

ANYWAY. (whispers to self – don’t talk about work!)

It’s nearly the weekend. It’s nearly the weekend. Repeat after me – it’s nearly the weekend. This is of course where people reading this on the other side of the planet get all bitter, because they still have 7 hours worth of Friday to get through that I don’t. Let’s try not to remind them too quickly that I got to work 7 hours before them.

On another completely unrelated note, I’m quite enjoying the change of blogging scenery. When I first landed at Tumblr (again), I went looking for a few of the people I used to follow – but then thought “f*ck it” – very few of them ever took any interest in me, so why should I bother? If you’re reading this, and thinking “f*ck this guy then”, I can let you in on a secret – if you follow me, and your blog is not full of advertorial crap, reblogs, or endless selfies, there’s a good chance I will follow you – and if I do, there’s a good chance I will read every post you throw out from that point on.

And breathe…

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