Losing with Style

The school our youngest daughter goes to holds a charity bingo night every couple of terms. Tonight was one of those nights. We took supplies. We had such hopes – we’ve done well in the past – we’ve been lucky.

We won nothing. At all. Not a single thing. We won no lines, no cards, no raffle prizes – zilch. I can’t remember none of us winning anything ever before. Maybe this is the pay-off for being somewhat lucky in the past?

I couldn’t help being amused that a particularly grumpy old man that shouted at the announcer to speak up didn’t win anything either.

Towards the end of the evening my ever present dark humor kicked in, and had our girls giggling like idiots at the prospect of being the best losers. Could we make it through the entire evening without winning a damn thing!?  As the evening wore on, and the chances of it happening increased, the tension on our table was palpable – they actually WANTED to lose. And we did!

Go us!

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