Working from Home

I didn’t plan on working from home today.

It all began when I was cooking bacon for the children’s breakfasts at 7am this morning. Miss 18 wasn’t getting up, and my other half went to check on her. A few minutes later she returned, with stories of a swollen eye, and calling the doctor to make an appointment. They left on-foot towards the doctors shortly before I left the house – while gathering my things together I noticed a mobile phone on the kitchen counter, and wondered which of the children had left their phone behind.

When I got to work (about three miles through the morning traffic mayhem), I was about to take my coat off when my mobile phone erupted into life.

“Hello ?”

“Hi Dad – can you come home again?”

I don’t know why, but I absolutely knew what Miss 18 was going to say next.

“We’ve locked ourselves out. Our keys and phones are indoors”.

I started swearing – my t-shirt was already drenched in sweat after fighting a headwind all the way to work – I could foresee myself having another shower and changing my clothes when I got home.


“It’s ok – I’ll be about fifteen or twenty minutes – depending on traffic”.

And that’s how I ended up home again a little while later – except I picked up my laptop from the office along the way – with no intention of returning a second time. I had the second shower too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some urgent work coffee to get on with.

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