The Calm Before the Storm

Nearly everything is now in-place. The hall is ready – tables covered – table decorations done – balloons filled – stage set – sound system in-place – lights ready to go.

The party we have been preparing for happens tonight. In half an hour I turn the oven on, and make us all pizza. Something quick and filling to eat before getting changed, doing hair, makeup, and walking into town – arriving half an hour early to meet the caterers, and put the final decorations in-place.

I have been on my feet all day – I looked at the health app on my phone while walking back towards home for the couple of hours in-between everything, and saw the ticker pass through 10,000 steps.

My feet already hurt, but I’m kind of looking forward to getting to the end of the first hour of the party, making my way to the stage, turning the sound up to 11, and starting the first proper playlist. And yes, the Beegees are up first.

The playlists will take the party-goers from the 1970s, through to the modern day. We tested the sound system earlier, and oh-my-word it sounded awesome. There’s something about proper concert-size speakers and power-amps that hits your senses in a way that a hi-fi or headphones never will. You can *feel* the music.

I’m almost looking forward to the end of the party too though – for the last fifteen minutes we have a number of “last song at the school disco” tracks. Hopefully we won’t fully recreate the school disco experience though, with a girl crying outside, and another having a stand-up argument in the corridor.

And yes, I will be hung-over tomorrow.

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