Slowing Down is Difficult

After several weeks of preparations, and a manic weekend trying to juggle everything involved in a major birthday party for my other half, sixty guests, caterers, music, and then a day of reversing that entire process, I’m running on fumes. Staying up throughout Saturday night probably didn’t help – I tried to stay awake, but found myself almost falling asleep on my feet on Sunday afternoon. I went to bed for an hour, and slept for three hours. Go figure.

The funny thing though? Today I am racing between tasks, wondering what to do next – I think maybe you just get used to running flat-out, and then when you don’t need to any more, it takes a while to realise you can afford to slow down, gather your thoughts, read a book, and maybe write a blog post or two.

Of course I’m at work right now, so this isn’t the long rambling blog post you might have expected – but maybe there will be one soon.

In other news, I wrote this post at lunchtime, and it’s been sat in a browser tab for the last three hours. Maybe the world isn’t slowing down that much after all.

2 thoughts on “Slowing Down is Difficult

  1. I see you changed the comment area… I may have commented on the post before then. Sometimes I read them and come back to comment and can only tell where I’ve commented by the ones before. Yes, I am a hot mess most of the time. lol. But, hey, I come by to see what’s up and chat. That’s good. Right? I’m glad that your wife had a wonderful birthday party. It sounds like it must have been tons of fun! 🙂 I’m not sure my world will ever slow down.

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